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Collapse damage

If your property sustains a structural collapse, it does not have to bring down your business.

Did your property or business suffer structural damage?

In most cases, collapse damage is already covered in your commercial property because it can happen to a structure regardless of where it is located. The insurance company will have their own opinion about the length of the property damage and what is or isn’t covered in your insurance claim. Who is on your side protecting your interest? Disaster Recovery Advocates have the resources and experience to investigate, document the damage, and negotiate your claim on your behalf, ensuring you get the maximum amount on your insurance claim. 

Important information needed when filing a claim
When your business or home is damaged, the first concern should always be safety. After everyone is safe, do whatever is possible to control the damage, next call Disaster Recovery Advocates. Our public adjusters will help you with your claim and get your property back to its original state.
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An insurance adjuster’s estimated offer is often extremely lower than a Public Adjuster’s estimation of damages. Don’t let your insurance company underpay or deny your claim. Questions or concerns about our services or your disaster claim? We’re here to listen and provide clarity and relief.