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Disaster Recovery Advocates, LLC is a team of experienced claim adjusters that are ready to represent clients in their disaster claims.


An insurance company’s adjuster works in the interests of the company, not yours. As Public Adjusters, we only represent you, the insured, to push for an outcome in your favor. With a deeper understanding the claims process plus a drive to aid those who need it, we at DRA are dedicated to expediting your claim and securing you the highest settlement so that you can resume your life as normal.

Here at Disaster Recovery Advocates, LLC, your engagement is our priority. We act as your consultant throughout the claims process to advise you on the most beneficial path to take to receive the results you want and deserve. Our involvement is to eliminate the burden of dealing with your insurance company’s adjuster demands, but our clients always maintain the final approval in the work performed and the settlement offer. We aim to keep you as engaged and informed in the claims process as possible.

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Often an insurance adjuster’s estimated offer is extremely lower than what a Public Adjuster’s estimation of damages is. Don’t let your insurance company underpay or deny your claim. Questions or concerns about our services or your disaster claim? We’re here to listen and provide clarity and relief.